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About Us

About Serendipite Standard and Miniature Poodles  

Serendipite Poodles was born out of the love of the breed. Before becoming a Poodle breeder I was raising children and developing my career as a teacher and a school principal.  During those years, our family pets were Poodles. Friends would often chide me because I always carried photos of our Poodles in my wallet, but was often caught short for a recent photo of one of my kids!

An early retirement from the field of education provided me the opportunity to make a serious commitment to own, show, and breed these beautiful dogs. When I was able to make my first purchase of a truly well-bred Poodle, the breeder asked me if I was looking for a pet or a show dog.  A “Show Dog”?  I must admit that question put stars in my eyes! However, the road to developing into a breeder of well-bred Poodles has taken years to refine since then. I have never lost the “stars in my eyes” but I have learned  many lessons along the way.  Health, temperament, and beauty are the cornerstones of our breeding program. 

Our Story

Aspiring to be the breeder of the finest Poodles anywhere, I am indebted to mentors that recognized my commitment and invested their time, knowledge, and experience in me. I deeply appreciate the mentorship of past breeders, our professional handler, Daniel Chavez, and the wonderful dog organizations to which my husband and I belong. I am frequently delighted when I receive  gratifying emails and texts from the owners of the sweet puppies our lovely dogs have produced. 

Over the years my husband Ed and I have supported numerous groups dedicated to responsible dog ownership, health and the advancement of our great breed. Ed and I  currently support the following dog organizations:

  • American Kennel Club
  • Del Sur All Breed Kennel Club
  • San Diego Poodle Club 
  • BetterBred
  • AKC Canine Health Foundation

Health, Temperament, Intelligence and Beauty are the cornerstones of the Serendipite Poodles breeding program. We are committed to the pursuit of excellence in breed type to produce the finest quality puppies to discerning, Poodle-loving homes. We maintain high standards in puppy care to produce healthy, well-socialized, and beautiful Poodle puppies. We strive to find just the right stud dogs to match with each of our lovely bitches in order to produce quality, finely-bred puppies. 

All our puppy parents are health tested. Test results are available for public inspection on the OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) website. All of our breeding bitches are CHIC Certified. Thus, the health of our puppies is sound. We provide the finest veterinary care and nutrition for our dogs. 

Our dogs get a lot of attention and exercise! Our dogs and puppies live with us and thus we know and we can guarantee that our puppies are well-socialized, loving little companions. And you can’t beat the beauty of our puppies!

A Dedication to my hubby, Ed Elliot

Serendipite Poodles continues to thrive today due to the love and support of my dear husband Ed who recently passed away due to complications from idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. Ed was always taking photos, making videos, assisting with whelpings and puppy care, driving to dog shows, and helping with everyday chores too. Ed had a wonderful sense of humor and often  referred to himself as the “reluctant dog father”. Ed shared in the joys and sacrifices made, to continue our commitment to the preservation and advancement of our magnificent breed. As for myself and my dogs, we really miss our dog father.

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